Puppy Birthday

  Yesterday was Joey’s 5th Birthday :) He and I have been through a lot together, many homes and apartments, several jobs, several guys, two pit bull attacks, additions to our family, marriage to Solomon, and a move to Florida and I still love him so much :) :) Happy Birthday little guy!  

Stress and Drama Kills

No really, it does. But you can recover. You may not have the option that I just had, to move 600 miles away from your stress and drama but seriously, find a way to do away with stress. Since moving my hair is AMAZING, seriously, no more split ends, no falling out, its got life … Continue reading


I’m a beauty lover, there’s NO doubt about that. If it comes in a beauty product I will take it, thank you very much. I love it. It is also possible that I have a problem… but probably not ;) I found out a friend of mine sells Arbonne, a Swiss based company focusing on … Continue reading

It [didn't] Works!

We’ve all seen these photos on social media about the It Works! wraps and wish that we could try them and get those kind of results. Well I did. and here’s my candid review. It didn’t work. I even tried two wraps, waiting the required 72 hours between each one and my stomach was BIGGER! … Continue reading


We are officially leaving the mountains of Western North Carolina for the coasts of Sunny Florida! Solomon accepted a new position there and we are just thrilled!!!! If you want our address please let me know, I would LOVE to have penpals, snail mail is just so much fun to send and receive!

Surf’s Up VoxBox

I signed up for Influenster’s VoxBox(es) last month and my first one came last week! We have PainRelief in the form of a liquid shot (yay for PMS week pain) Nailpolish Shampoo and Condition to give my wavy hair a little more wave and after sun lotion Neat! I couldn’t wait to dig in so, … Continue reading


Now that all of this is completely public– read this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/victor-lopez/guilford-college-board-of_b_5095179.html?utm_hp_ref=college&ir=College (thanks for reading) I’ve spent 3.5 years working with this woman and this article comes a NO surprise to me. Jane is a fantastic woman, understanding, hard working, never asking anyone to do anything she will not do herself, an excellent listener, always working to learn … Continue reading

No Parties

Sometimes I forget that this Paparazzi business is TOTALLY different than other direct sales and that parties are not required. I guess I’ve been in direct sales so long it’s just ingrained in me to party. party. party. (ugh)  I think I need professional help ;) But parties are NOT required. Seriously. and when I … Continue reading


It’s time to give something pretty away! :)  This pretty necklace and earring set was an exclusive piece I got while in Atlanta and I would love to give it away!My Facebook page is only a few likes away from 100– share the page and the giveaway and you have the chance to get this necklace … Continue reading