14 Months

14 solid months of steady continuous, nonstop work was required to earn these. 14 months. I’ve been in Paparazzi 2 years but August 2014 I decided to get serious and get to work every day like the food on my table depended on it (and it did) 14 months. I had bad parties, bad events, … Continue reading


Let me tell you about blessings. In two years, November is my 2 year Paparazzi Anniversary so many blessings have come my way. I have achieved SEVERAL major milestones including three ranks and two Crown Clubs plus I have a team of 87 women working hard. But also I have seen my work stress disappear. … Continue reading

Take a chance.

This boy ❤❤ He’s such a sweetheart! And he’s right! Two years ago I took a big chance on yet another direct sales company (inset eye roll) but this one was different. Its product is affordable, current, fashion forward. Its sales techniques were low (no) pressure. And it is designed to sell absolutely anywhere with … Continue reading

30 Days Til 30: Take Time for You

Another day, another 30 before 30 post! Not sure what I mean, read this post and you’ll catch up quickly! One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten closer to 30 is that time for myself is important and it is NOT selfish. Well, maybe it is selfish, but you know what, its ok to be … Continue reading

30 Days til 30: Death Happens

So you know I’m blogging 30 Days til 30, if you don’t check out this post for more explanation so you know what I’m up too these days. But this thought was actually what sparked the entire 30 til 30 process. My grandmother passed recently, as in last week recently, after a (mercifully) short battle … Continue reading

Can You Say This?

Can you say this? I can, and so can so many many other Paparazzi consultants. Do you want to say this? Let’s talk. Paparazziaccessories.com/22838

30 Days til 30

This year marks my 30th birthday and I am oh so excited about that!   I know I don’t have it all together, who does, really? If you do, shoot me some tips, but I do feel like I love me. I love myself and my life. I am not without my problems, nor is … Continue reading

Empower Me.

Makes me wanna cry ❤ The good kind of tears. The grateful kind of tears. I am so blessed to have such amazing and unwavering support. Plus, Mandi’s not afraid to kick my butt when I need it! THIS is where I need to be and THIS is what I need to be doing. I’m … Continue reading

Executive Director!!

Once again I stand in awe of how things are falling together in my life! I am amazed at how a simple, fun, business like Paparazzi has completely altered my life. I am excited to see just where to future goes for me and my team! Because man, we’re on our way to GREAT things! … Continue reading

Just Keep Going!

Regardless of your goal you need two things. 1. Determination to keep going, it just takes time. With weight loss you didn’t put it on in one day, it’s not coming off in one day. With business Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your business in even one year. JUST KEEP GOING. 2. … Continue reading