New Blog!

You should hop over and follow my NEW blog!   I’ve completely changed EVERYTHING, it is nothing like this one ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s Paparazzi, DIY, advice, and even more! Please share with your friends!   Here’s the link one more time!   Advertisements

This is the one that’s hard to process. But mostly it’s hard to bounce back from. And that’s only because we let pur pride get in the way. We don’t like to fail. No one does. Failing hurts, but it hurts our pride more than anything. And that’s the problem with direct sales, folks see … Continue reading

Box of Dreams

This is a box of dreams. Dreams of being an inspiration (mine) Dreams of a new house (also mine) Dreams of getting out of debt (mine #3) Dreams of affording things outside the budget Dreams of leaving your 8-5 Dreams of being home with your children/family. Just dreams. What are you dreaming about? What will … Continue reading

One Extra Pay Check

Hooray its Paparazzi Pay Day!!!! What could an extra pay check PLUS instant sales commissions do for you and your family? How would that change your life and your future??? You need to come on off the fence and join me in Paparazzi. It’s awesome on this side! Join today and earn your own extra … Continue reading

On a regular basis people contact me about starting their own Paparazzi business because they need extra money. They’ve had a financial crisis or they’re trying to prepare for an upcoming expense (think vacation, mission trips, Christmas, etc.) or they’re tired of existing paycheck to paycheck. I’m happy to give them the information they need … Continue reading

$175 vs $99

Let’s talk about this. That’s 35 pieces of Paparazzi on my dresser, you know, the ones I haven’t put away in  few weeks… I can’t be the only one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thats the  number of pieces that come in our basic starter kit! That’s A LOT of jewelry!! Paying full price for all of those 35 … Continue reading

What do you do?

When speaking to a potential client do you get so uncomfortable with silence that you kill it with nonsense? Trying to convince them to buy your product or join your team? #wordvomiting Are you listening to them because you care or just to identify the problem so you can pounce on the chance to pitch? … Continue reading


I love my job. Yes, I say it all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Yesterday I had a VIP sale with a precious lady, Barb, at her retirement facility, she needed some mother’s day presents, and I spent the BEST hour with her. We talked about life, family, friends, and … Continue reading

I can not express to you enough. If you have ever considered joining Paparazzi now is the time. You may ask why is now the time. Well first off the growth rate in Paparazzi is phenomenal. Second Spring is here and everyone is tired of being cooped up inside with the weather warming up everyone … Continue reading