Profit in 2015!

Started work on our 2015 taxes today and made a good chunk of progress (thank you to me for being super organized during the year) and O.MY.WORD I was in for a happy and unexpected surprise! I really didn’t know how much money I made total in Paparazzi last year and I blew myself away! … Continue reading

January Empties- #projectpan

In late January I started participation in Project Pan 2016 Here’s my blog on the subject And here’s my first update on what I finished in January- only a few things because I didn’t start til January 28, but every little bit counts! I really did like this spray lotion! It went on easy, rubbed … Continue reading

Project Pan 2016- My Way!

We all have too much stuff, seriously, so much stuff and we need to be rid of it somehow and after being on Instagram (follow me @ErickaChampionWise) and seeing over and over again the hastags #projectpan #projectpanning #projectpan2016 #projectuseitup and the list goes on and on I finally did some reading about Project Pan and … Continue reading

My own t-shirt quilt

Making t-shirt quilts is my specialty and I really enjoy making them for other people. They are very powerful reminders of memories and love from past events and I watch the people who choose me to make their quilt lovingly hand over their possessions and trust me to make them something beautiful from them. I … Continue reading

Embroidery Machine!

My mom bought me an embroidery machine for Christmas! :) :) :) I mentioned it ages ago and as always, mom is the gift giving QUEEN! She remembers everything ;)   So of course, I’ve been busy learning and figuring it out! First things first, the machine comes pre-loaded with *some* stitches, they’re nice but … Continue reading

A Case for Brass

I’ll be the first one to tell you- I am not a fan of brass. And really only because I like gold and silver better…  I don’t have a better reason than that. Kinda sad, right? Oh well. I’m here not to make a case for brass and why you (and I) should start wearing … Continue reading

Letting them go. [is hard]

Let’s be honest here, in direct sales people come and people go. All.The.Time. Every day. And it’s really hard when they go, especially the good ones who you love working with. Really hard. This just happened to me and I want to share some wisdom I’ve learned through the process with others who are just … Continue reading

Use that discount!

You know you sell jewelry when you have seven complete sets packed for a six day visit… Seriously though, that’s $125 worth of jewelry on the bed. Not at my discount this, I saved almost $60 with my discount Still think its not worth it to join Paparazzi? Think again lovely friend! Money saved is … Continue reading

Outfit of the Day!

  I love this outfit! Love it! Incredibly comfortable and it was absolutely perfect for Clemson Game Day in a Central Florida winter! LulaRoe Leggings, most people call them butter leggings because they feel like butter, extra super soft, you’ll swear you’re still in your pajamas and the waist band is flexible and not tight … Continue reading