Review: ItWorks Greens

Many of you, especially those who promote ItWorks, aren’t going to like this. Remember, this is my blog and my opinion. I was asked to give an honest opinion on this drink mix. Well… Here goes. Ewww. Just eww. First off its GREEN!! with an orange flavor I thought it would be a pretty orange … Continue reading


A few weeks ago I did a trial run of a Thrive DFT Patch and I was shocked by my results!! I kept the patches on for 24 hours and below are screenshots of what I thought at the time. I am still impressed. I do not sell Thrive, I am just a believer! In … Continue reading

Power in Number

This is one of the most powerful graphics I’ve ever seen! There is incredible power in number and wow, would you look at these numbers! They don’t lie. Imagine what those first 32,000 consultants who joined Mary Kay or Avon are up to today? I wonder how they lives are drastically different because of their … Continue reading


My Influenster Box came today!!! I can’t wait to try out this Jergens skincare! Since moving to Florida and seeing considerably more sunshine I’ve been worried about wrinkles… We’ve alllllll seen the 60year old sun worshippers who look like leather… I DON’T want to be here! Will Jergens be the answer to my concern? We … Continue reading

I love what I do. Do you?

I can really, 100% honestly say, I LOVE what I do. My job is to sell $5 accessories and to teach other men and women how to do the same. Umm…. is this real life???? I still pinch myself  A.LOT. because man, this can’t be real. The bruises are getting extra purple ;) I have … Continue reading

I get asked a lot “Why do you work so much?” Here’s why. If you had a “why” like this one, and a life changed like mine, wouldn’t you work all the time too? How can I not when I know how much my entire life has changed because of Paparazzi. How can I not … Continue reading

Job Search!

I am looking for folks who have more month than money, wish they could afford an extra night out each week, need something flexible while the kids are in school, or while their parents are in need of care. Paparazzi Accessories is THE $5 accessory shop! It’s $99 to start your own business and your … Continue reading

New Inventory!

Guess who has new inventory in stock?!?! I have the perfect Valentine’s Day earrings, necklaces, lanyards, rings, and more earrings!! All for $5! Have a party and your favorites will be free! In person, online, or on the go! Not a party girl? That’s ok– let’s have a one on one VIP shopping day.

Power in Statistics

This is an amazing statistic! There are less than 31,000 Paparazzi consultants! That’s a tiny tiny number– wouldn’t you like to be added to that number and be the first in your area?! Paparazzi can work right alongside your full-time job, your other direct sales job, while you’re a stay at home mom, while you’re … Continue reading

We all start the same.

Everyone starts in the same place earning the same 45% commission! Where you go from there is up too you! Let me help you get started and make the most of your business! Are you ready?!