Paparazzi Works- when you work

I was texting a friend today after yet another another hard day fraught with unforeseen difficulties and high running emotions and it hit me  harder than I expected. This is likely the very reason I am facing these trials. So I will be able to relate, wholeheartedly, with those who will cross my path and … Continue reading


This. This is why I do Paparazzi and why I believe in it with my entire heart and soul. And why you see so much about it. Because I own my own business and manage my own time I am able to be at the hospital for a friend in need. I got the text … Continue reading

The Paparazzi Basket Party

(and why you should have one ;) ) Here is my Paparazzi Basket Party. Its my 31 tote (WHAT would I do without 31?!) with 100+ pieces of $5 accessories! Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelet, hair accessories! As the hostess you take this where ever you go- work, church, school, the office, the dr- and just … Continue reading

Box Opening!

I’ve just started using Periscope and I’m learning to love it! Here’s today’s video opening my box of Paparazzi goodness!! Watch here!¬† Like what you see? Have a party with me! Wanna get the same pieces at a discount? Join my team!

A Year in Review

Wow. Sunday was exactly one year since our move to Florida. One entire year. Man how time flies when you’re having fun and this has been the BEST year yet! Florida is EXACTLY where we need to be and we’re both doing EXACTLY what we ¬†need to be doing! Solomon has changed jobs, he got … Continue reading

Job Searching?

I know several of you have posted lately about looking for a new job… Yall, this is the BEST job I’ve ever had! Ever! I work, hard, but its incredibly fun work and I get to pick when and where I work! I’m working a FB party right now while Solomon and I are racing … Continue reading

The Difference in $99

There’s a big difference in what $99 buys you through Paparazzi- a few pieces of jewelry or a lot of jewelry plus the privilege to buy anything else you want at a discount! Can’t go wrong!! Join my team now and get your discounts!