I get asked a lot “Why do you work so much?” Here’s why. If you had a “why” like this one, and a life changed like mine, wouldn’t you work all the time too? How can I not when I know how much my entire life has changed because of Paparazzi. How can I not … Continue reading

Job Search!

I am looking for folks who have more month than money, wish they could afford an extra night out each week, need something flexible while the kids are in school, or while their parents are in need of care. Paparazzi Accessories is THE $5 accessory shop! It’s $99 to start your own business and your … Continue reading

New Inventory!

Guess who has new inventory in stock?!?! I have the perfect Valentine’s Day earrings, necklaces, lanyards, rings, and more earrings!! All for $5! Have a party and your favorites will be free! In person, online, or on the go! Not a party girl? That’s ok– let’s have a one on one VIP shopping day. paparazziaccessories.com/22839

Power in Statistics

This is an amazing statistic! There are less than 31,000 Paparazzi consultants! That’s a tiny tiny number– wouldn’t you like to be added to that number and be the first in your area?! Paparazzi can work right alongside your full-time job, your other direct sales job, while you’re a stay at home mom, while you’re … Continue reading

We all start the same.

Everyone starts in the same place earning the same 45% commission! Where you go from there is up too you! Let me help you get started and make the most of your business! Are you ready?! Paparazziaccessories.com/22839

Fall in Love

I certainly have fallen in love with my Paparazzi. More so than even I expected. I have so many reasons to love it: freedom, flexibility, fun, leaving my full-time job, helping other women do the same, but maybe most of all- its affordable! At only $5 there aren’t many  people around who can’t afford to … Continue reading

Time to Party!

Its time to party! Pick your party date and we’ll plan for in person, Facebook, or basket, whatever works best for you! So what day will it be?!


Wow. Can you say powerful? Let’s think for a minute about what those first 100,000 consultants from the two powerhouses of direct sales could be doing today. Most likely left the business. Some likely passed away, some just drifted away. And an even smaller amount of those first consultants kept working, kept growing, and are … Continue reading

Getting Un-Stuck

Sometimes we all get stuck, and sometimes we stay stuck. While we’re stuck we feel powerless, useless, and are not able to function. This is where Dawn comes in. She helps us get un-stuck. During our 20 minute phone call this afternoon Dawn was able to help me help myself. We pinpointed what got me … Continue reading


Have you ever gone through a time without inspiration? I mean, just nothing, zero, zilch, Nada… Can’t come up with a new, creative idea for any amount of money. My November and December were just that way… I mean I made some cure Christmas PJs for my family but that’s it. Thank God though, life … Continue reading