Be Green, Choose Pink!!

It isn’t often that Mary Kay introduces a completely NEW product line, but they just did! Available in Mid-February, the Botanical Effects Skin Care line, specifically formulated with all natural ingredients for sensitive skin, but suitable for all skin types, these products truly are green.

The technical “stuff” is listed below, please read it, but in a nut shell, this is an amazing line! My super sensitive, very oily skin was very happy. I normally go to bed with a clean face and wake up with one that feels like I’ve visited the gym for an hour. The morning after using the line for the very first time, during which my face did NOT react badly, I woke up just as clean as when I went to sleep.

Obviously, I’m sold and will be using it every day!

Product Details

Botanical Effects™ skin care is a simple regimen designed to help your skin achieve healthy balance. Every product in all three formulas contains a special botanical complex — featuring silymarin and Luo Han Guo – to help defend against environmental damage and help promote healthy skin. Then each formula is personalized with additional botanicals specifically chosen to give your skin type just what it craves for beautiful balance. Dry skin finds its harmony with flax seed and sea kelp extracts, which are known sources of fatty acids important for moisturization. Normal skin is treated to the antioxidant powers of frangipani flower and water lily extracts. And oily skin gets pore-clearing help from a kanuka and guava extracts-infused formula.

Dry Normal Oily
Gently cleanses without stripping essential elements
Helps restore skin’s natural balance
Leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and nourished
Skin looks refreshed
Gently removes makeup and impurities
Leaves skin feeling clean and soft
Nondrying formula leaves skin looking healthy
Corrective cleanser that purifies skin and helps cleanse pores
Removes and helps control excess oil without drying
Leaves skin feeling clean as it reduces shine
Absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling balanced
Moisture-rich Leaves skin feeling comforted
Helps maintain skin’s moisture level
Skin feels supple and resilient
Leaves skin feeling hydrated
Skin looks healthier and feels nourished and refreshed
Does not feel oily or greasy
Provides balanced hydration while controlling excess oil
Leaves skin with a beautiful matte finish
Non-greasy and leaves no oily residue
Nondrying formula gently removes excess residue from skin
Restores skin’s natural balance
Skin looks radiant and healthier
Helps calm and soothe skin
Skin feels soft and smooth
Improves skin texture, leaving it with a soft matte finish
Leaves skin looking healthier
Skin feels refreshed and prepped for the moisturizing step
Removes excess oil without drying skin
Minimizes the appearance of pores
Clarifies skin and helps cleanse pores
Mask —
gently removes impurities as it revitalizes skin; removes easily with water
Gently exfoliates as it improves skin texture
Replenishes hydration
Skin looks smooth and feels renewed
Deep cleans as it gently exfoliates
Restores radiance
Adapts to your skin’s needs, leaving it looking healthier and feeling nourished
Helps cleanse pores and refine their appearance
Absorbs and controls excess oil
Leaves skin looking clarified and fresher

What’s special about the packaging?

Each of the tube sleeves – Cleanse, Hydrate, Mask – contain 50% post-consumer resin (PCR) material. So what was destined for a landfill instead gets a new lease on life as part of our packaging. The tubes also feature lightweight caps, using one-third less plastic than traditional flip top caps.

In addition, the freshener bottle is recyclable*, which will save it from a landfill and give it the chance at a “new life.” And not only are all of the cartons made from 100% post-consumer content as well as Forest Stewardship Council† certified material, they also can be recycled. So you can help continue the “greener” momentum when you choose to recycle. If we all do our small part for the planet, together we really can make a big difference

*Where facilities exist

†The Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) is dedicated to supporting the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. FSC-certified paper and print products contribute to conservation, responsible management and community-level benefits for people near the forests that provide the paper.

Key Ingredients (External Use) 

Special Botanical Complex – contains powerful antioxidants

Our exclusive complex includes two nourishing botanicals that benefit all skin types. Silymarin (milk thistle) is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend against environmental damage while helping to calm and soothe skin. Luo Han Guo, also call the “longevitiy” fruit, is known to contain potent antioxidants and also believed to help promote healthy skin.

Dry Skin

Flax seed extract – a rich source of fatty acids Flax seed is one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help moisturize and help relieve dry skin of discomfort.

Sea kelp extract – important for moisturization A type of sea algae, sea kelp is a known source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids important for moisturization and skin balance.

Normal Skin

Frangipani flower extract – helps protect against environmental stressors The frangipani flower is known for its calming and soothing benefits and is an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stressors.

Water lily extract – important for healthy skin An antioxidant, the water lily is reported to be a source of minerals that are important for healthy skin  

Oily Skin

Kanuka extract (white tea tree) – kanuka is known for its purifying benefits Sources of this botanical extract are well known their purifying benefits that may help prevent pores from becoming clogged.

Guava extract – a known source of salicylic acid Guava is a known source of salicylic acid, an exfoliant shown to slough away dead skin and help unclog pores to reduce surface oil.







Call me to set up a facial to try these brand new, green, soothing, and fantastic products! You will not be disappointed.

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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