But I’m not a Sales person!

it's terrifying to take this giant leap, but lean on your faith and go for it!

This is the MOST common excuse I hear “But Ericka, I’m not a sales lady, I cannot sell anything!”

Let me answer once and for all, GOOD! I’m GLAD you’re not a sales lady, those are pushy, in your face, and tend to get on people’s nerves… That’s’s not what we’re about in Mary Kay.

Ladies who join this business do not need to sell, the products do the work for us. The skincare lines are all amazing, they all work and do exactly what we promise they do, and make women feel beautiful. No sales work required. 

A different “sales”  avenue that traditional pushy sales people do not explore is personal customer service- that means help choosing the perfect shades of foundation, blush and eyecolor, delivery, payment plans, and the like- those little things that help women feel important. 

Sure if you join Mary Kay there will be sales, but you will not be asked to be like those sales ladies who annoy you like nails on a chalk board.

Don’t believe me, have a Mary Kay Party with me and you’ll see just how UN-pushy I am!

Ericka L. Champion





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