Stop it Right There!

Did you have the unfortunate luck of waking up with one of these?

Or, Heaven Forbid, a face like this?!?! 

You poor dear, I feel for you 😦

I have a chin like option two, specifically around a certain time each month (isn’t that bad enough without adding pimple insult to injury??) and it hurts, they hurt, my face hurts, and my goodness I just do NOT feel pretty.

The jury is still out on what causes acne; improper cleansing of the face, diet, lifestyle, hormones… who knows, but I’ll let the experts spend their time debating that problem.

Real people like me and you, we just need to know how to fix the problem, FAST! Mary Kay has found the solution for every skin type and it’s easy!

1st— if you’re in your teen years, Mary Kay has a specific skin care line just for you– Velocity. Three steps, Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize all with medical-grade ingredients proven to stop and clear up acne breakouts.  This formula is for both genders and is a gentle yet hardworking cleanser.

The final, BEST step of the Velocity Line, Acne Treatment Gel— the very very  best $7 you will ever spend. Medical-grade salicyclic acid that you dab on the pimple any time you want and it works to clear from the inside out. I use this at night and wake up “bump-less” in the mornings (remember, I have those terrible, beneath the skin, super-painful pimples”

NOTE: The Acne Treatment Gel can be used independently of the Velocity line and by EVERYONE, especially those with only one or two little bumps harassing them each month, this one’s for you. The little tube lasts an AMAZING amount of time!

   2nd— if you’re past your teen years and your puberty hormones are long gone but you still have acne trouble, Mary Kay’s Even Complexion Mask and Essence are the perfect fix!

p.s. these two also lighten and eventually make disappear old acne scars left over from your puberty years, its wonderful!

Together this duo packs a light exfoliant, a clay-base, and soothing botanical compounds that lessen redness, start the acne healing process and generally calm enraged skin.

If used every second day, as recommended, results can be seen within one week. I do not follow directions and use it about once a week, except for that famous week during the month when I use like I’m supposed too, and my face has cleared up so much, even the scars from previous years that were still hanging around on my chin are fading!

When I do feel one coming, I put just a bit of the mask on the impending spot at night and sleep peacefully. I wake the next morning with significantly less pain, no redness and an almost invisible bump! It’s unbelievable.

Side Note: this is the first thing I purchased from Mary Kay, long before I ever decided to become a Consultant. I tried it at a party and instantly fell in love because the claims made by the company were proven immediately,  it WORKED!

Call me to test it on yourself– if only for the fact that it takes the pain away!

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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