I Dream in… RED??

Yes, I am dreaming of something red while working my way through this Mary Kay Journey.

One would think that all things Mary Kay come in pink, but there’s one very important dream I have that’s red– to earn a Red Jacket!

That’s one of these!

 Stylish and cute, and all the rave in the MK world because it means a woman is working her way up to management level!

A Red Jacket wearer begins when she has three teammates, that is, three women who are walking alongside her on the Mary Kay Career Path, and a Red Jacket turns into a Director later in her career, more on that to come!

But for me, I want a Red Jacket! I want three teammates, I have one currently, she’s pretty wonderful, and would love to add two more women to coach and help along their journey’s,. It’s a great feeling to watch someone get out of her own way and have success after success after success! I cannot get enough of that feeling!! 🙂

Along with this fancy Jacket, I will get all kinds of jewelry– 

a cute Tote

and Commission Checks FROM THE COMPANY!

IMPORTANT NOTE– these are known as “love checks” Mary Kay mails, the old fashioned paper kind, based on my personal sales and those of the women on my team, my teammates DO NOT, in any way, shape, form, or fashion give me any money.

With this in mind, remember that everyone in Mary Kay gets amazing prizes! Would you consider joining my currently small but lovely team??

Call my almost sister-in-law and teammate Morgan 828-817-6363 to see what she has to say being my first teammate

Call me Trainer and Director Judi 828-702-1661 who will also be your guide through this process

and call me to talk about how I will never  let you go through this on your own!

If you’re thinking about it but you’re scared, have too many questions and not enough answers, or would just like to come with me to see what I do– CALL ME! I’d love to get together!! 🙂

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash
how appropriate for Valentine’s Day 😉 I hope its wonderful and full of love! 🙂 

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