Myth Busting, with the truth!

The Myths surrounding Mary Kay, its Consultants, Directors, and the lifestyle are running RAMPANT across the internet…

So here’s my little part to fix the problem:

Myth #1: MK Ladys are all pushy

Reality: We aren’t.

Yes, you will come across the passive-aggressive MK Lady who will NOT leave you alone, who will call you at all hours of the night and harass the crap out of you, but I promise not everyone is like that. Being an introvert I know the value of privacy and personal space and although I may try calling/texting/emailing about 3 times, that’s it. After the “third time’s the charm” I’m finished. I have the decency to realize that the woman I’m calling was just being polite when we chatted about a facial and really isn’t interested. So I leave her alone.



Myth #2: MK is overpriced

Reality: We’re right in line with other top-names—Estee Lauder, MAC, Sephora, Lancome, etc.

Yes, MK is more expensive than CoverGirl and the other bottom line brands, but MK works better and lasts longer than those brands. This is the truth of “you get what you pay for”.



Myth #3 MK is guaranteed overnight success

Reality: Sorry, it’s not.

There are those who have been blessed with the Midas touch for whom sales and recruits come pouring in… they are rare. But for those of us real women, hard work is required. In my personal experience I’ve had to work to earn the money MK promised. So for all those lazy whiners out there who aren’t willing to put boots on the ground, MK is not for you, know that, use your talents elsewhere.  On that note—I have earned money, that green stuff that I love to spend so much, I have actually put some in my pocket J Not a great deal, but remember, I only do this part time.



More questions? Other Myths I forgot to mention? Email or call me, you know I will give you an honest answer (please see Myth #3)


Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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