Party Planning!

It’s that time, the time that I’ve gotten down to business about my business.


I want to make Mary Kay my career, sure I have a wonderful job that I am very grateful for, but I want a career, one in which I can climb the ladder of success and actually reach the top! Mary Kay can give me that opportunity.

That’s where YOU come in.

I need to hold 20, yes, 20 skincare classes before the end of March… it’s March 13th. Scary Thought is that I’ve only had one skin care class so far this month.

So those local to Asheville, NC please lend me your face, I cannot do it without you!

I have a special gift, the Mary Kay Even Complexion Mask and Essence for those ladies who agree to host a skin care class with me!

PLEASE help me reach my goal!

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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