“Mary Kay: this is not my hustle!”

Penny Dickerson

Read my beautiful, glossed lips:  “Mary Kay is not my new hustle.”

Penny Dickerson Photo Image #1

I am a former Mary Kay Consultant who continues to support the company mission and is an active consumer of the Mary Kay product line. Prior to transitioning into an in-active status, I composed and developed this blog as a marketing support for my sales efforts. Included was my scanned business card and a template for conference calls with  National Sales Director Extraordinaire: Gloria Mayfield Banks.

Well, life happened and my existence has taken a new direction. Nonetheless, I’ve updated this “Blog-a-Gloss” because it is such an accurate (I think) representation of my journey to discovering the beauty of a jaw bone and the shadowing of an eye.


Mary Kay Header


I can’t think of any other entity on planet earth that suffers more myth and misunderstanding than Mary Kay. It’s as though she’s become the “Sushi” of the…

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