Are you the type?

Who only has a little bit of energy to give me because your life is just entirely toooooo busy?

Perfect! I have just the thing for you!

an ONLINE ONLY Mary Kay Party.

It couldn’t be easier! All I will need from you are the emails of your girl and guy friends something like between 20 and 40… the more the better 😉 and I will send them a short email explaining that this is the easiest party in the world. All the shopping is done online, credits cards are taken securely, orders are shipped for free and I am always available to answer questions.


the BEST part, you get all of the hostess benefits with none of the housework. I call that a BIG BIG win!


Interested? Email or call me 🙂


Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash


also– I promise promise promise, I am NOT a super-perky, stalker, “Scary Kay” lady. I will not harass your friends and loved ones, because I wouldn’t want you harassing mine.  I live by the Golden Rule!


6 thoughts on “Are you the type?

  1. Hi Erica. I stumbled across your blog. It looks absolutely fantastic! I am new to MK, and have yet to get my first active team member, although I gave myself a goal, by Seminar I will be wearing a RED JACKET! I would like to know how your online party turned out. And if I can use the same idea? I live in Cali and have tons of friends elsewhere. One close friend is having a catalog party w/ webcam in Alaska! Yikes! Me on webcam lol. I am not blog savvy to do this, but am a great twitter’er and fb is a great life line.

    • Good Morning Jen!
      Please use this idea, I borrowed it from a sister consultant 🙂
      Essentially you will create a custom e-card telling your recipients about the party- how long, who is hostess, why she did it this way, etc. Always offer them a chance to be an online hostess.
      Collect email addresses, as many as possible from your hostess, insert and send. You may want to send a mid-week reminder because busy women get forgetful 🙂

      My first online party was $23 in sales and my second was $42. Not a lot, but I didn’t do a lot 🙂
      Good luck!

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