I do not like Failure

Yet we seem to meet so often…

Not one to sugar coat things or lie about anything, here’s the truth of the matter. Bumps happen and I’ve hit a very big road block along my Mary Kay Journey. This is not meant to discourage anyone from taking advantage of the Mary Kay Opportunity- this is meant to be a real-life, in depth look into a real woman’s challenges, struggles and hopefully victories. I want you, my dear mysterious reader, to know the truth. I think you deserve that much.

I guess the lesson in all of this is that the obstacles don’t make the person, what the person does about the obstacles makes her…

I view failure as a lack of results. And results in Mary Kay, for me and my personality– please see What’s Personality Got to Do With It? to understand who I am and why– are facials, parties, events where I get to meet new women, make sales and talk with them about how wonderful Mary Kay really can be.

Last week, I came home after the amazing high of Career Conference with big dreams and plans and hopes and wishes and of course, a great measure of determination to get it all done. Sure I can do it. I have always done it and will always do it. Reliance on me is not the problem.

And then there was facial cancellation number 1. I can deal with that, one’s not so bad.

And then there was party cancellation number 2. Starting to head toward frustration, but that’s alright, these things happen.

And as we all know, all good things come in threes… Cancellation number 3 sent me over the proverbial edge. Three cancelled events in as many days… right after coming home with hopes and dreams and head held high. It does not get much worse. I felt like the biggest manic depressant ever– I was at the highest high on Monday morning and then hit the very rock bottom on Sunday when I found out other bad Mary Kay related news that I cannot mention here because I am not sure who actually reads this.

Leave it to say I was livid, upset, hurt, feeling completely worthless, misunderstood and like the Mary Kay opportunity was not for me. I cannot yet say that I  have completely lost any of those feelings. I still feel pretty terrible– four pieces of very bad news all Mary Kay related all in the exact same week… there is only so much a girl can stand after all. And all of the advice in the world is not going to make me feel any better. Only seeing progress and results from all of my hard work will do that. I need that to be understood immediately.

I even had a facial on Sunday, I went and put on a pretty face (that’s so very hard for me to do) and enjoyed myself with two young women,  but there were no sales, no recruits, no profit to show… there for no results. Still upset. Still wondering if I should even bother. Still doubting myself and my ability because it is completely apparent to me, I cannot do this.

After countless hours on the phone, many tears, more frustration and general anger and annoyance, I have been told entirely too many times that this happens. That Mary Kay is a cycle. One month I’ll be on top of the world, making sell after sell after sell, bringing in new ladies to join my journey and just generally living the life I’ve been promised by the company and then other months I will feel like this again where I will fight for every scheduled MK event and every new woman I meet…

I guess that’s life now that I think about it. Real life is not all sunshine and roses. The flowers all die every fall and, if you’re in Asheville NC, it rains/thunders/strikes lightening every afternoon… I will just chalk this one up to a life lesson.

I do have faith in this company. I’ve seen it make changes in the lives of other women, but my impatient “D” personality wants to see those same changes made in my life, now. I am putting in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears– so I believe I deserve to see the results. And do not want to wait around on them.

There’s more to come on this particular train of thought— I’m sure of it.

Let me just note here– because I think it is important.

I am doubting myself. Me. My ability to succeed. Not Mary Kay- the company works, the hundreds of multi-millionaire women who make up the top percentage of Mary Kay are proof of that.



Update: April 4, 2012– I have been asked to give a short update. Please do not read this and think, OMG Mary Kay is SO not for me, I know some women are apt to do that. I promise you, Mary Kay is great. The company delivers on their promises and the way to make money in MK is simple- book, sell, recruit. Only three items are required. My “D’ personality is what creates the difficulty. I want to be perfect. I cannot just “let go” of the disappointments. Not everyone is like me. There are those who can concentrate on the three things that matter, book, sell, recruit, instead of the disappointing moments and they are soaring…. do not be afraid of Mary Kay. This blog is mine, the thoughts are mine, the journey is mine and each woman’s journey will be different. Remember that and go out their on that limb with me to take the trip of a life time. It is worth it. I’ve gained a great deal more through MK than I ever thought I would.  And you will too.

I want you to join me on my personal journey of growth through Mary Kay and I want to compare our stories of success.


7 thoughts on “I do not like Failure

  1. Good luck with your business! I have a Mary Kay business as well and have experienced the same road bumps as you. It’s all in the line of work…but with positivity, endurance, and brains we can do it!

  2. I LOVE reading your blogs. So inspiring. I ask people for parties…all I get is, not this month, in a couple of months…I am racking my brain! Thank you for putting yours down. Reminds me I am not alone!
    Fear keeps me from sharing with my neighbors! 😦

  3. Thank you for your blogs. I have been there & know we aren’t alone.
    This is a wonderful business with ups and downs just like anything is.
    I’ve been a consultant for almost 5 years & hate to make phone calls.
    After Career Conference I decided I have to get on the phone to make this
    business work for me.

  4. I love your honesty! Blogging about both the ups and downs helps current and future MK consultants realize that every business has its rough patches. Keep these awesome blog posts coming 🙂

  5. Thank you ladies 🙂
    Blogging for me is therapeutic and CCreel, I too think that the honesty about the ups, downs, and tough spots are a good thing. I wish someone had been this honest with me. I’ve been warned that my supposed negativity could scare some women away, but that is a risk I am willing to take to be truthful. MK is a wonderful opportunity and business, and though it’s simple no one said it was easy 🙂

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