March Victories

After yesterday’s debbie-downer post I felt that at least I deserved a more upbeat post, not to mention those poor men and women who had to suffer through my sob story.


Let me include here that this is my process. I hold onto and hide my stress, disappointment and anger to a point where it blows up on me and everyone around me. Not the best method but it’s a work in progress. And after the explosion I’m ok and right back to work. I just need to be heard, listened too, understood and NOT, for any reason, talked at or given advice too. I just need to vent all of the frustration and then I’m back on the wagon. Simple enough.


In March:

I moved into a new house, I love it.

I participated in six Mary Kay events of varying degrees; facials, meetings, group parties

I attended Career Conference in Duluth, GA with a few of the wonderful women who are sharing this Mary Kay journey with me.

I had $725 in sales. That is $362.50 in personal profit.


I guess all in all, March was a pretty ok month.

April has started off ok, in only three days I’ve sold over $30 and have six Mary Kay related items on my calendar for the next two weeks. Here’s to hoping April is great!



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