Climbing the Ladder of Success

To set the stage:

I was approached on LinkedIn by a stranger who has turned out to be a very kind young woman- she wanted to have a Mary Kay Party simply to help me reach a goal. AMAZING. and needless to say I was so very grateful!


We arranged to meet during a regularly scheduled group meeting for her American Sign Language class– side note- I was incredibly excited by this invitation, I sign daily by always welcome the chance to practice with others. Our time together at this group meeting was spent practicing signs together, MK products weren’t even mentioned, but I was not at all disappointed. That hour with those very kind women was wonderful and I am pleased to have met them. I only have three hopes from last night:

1. that I was able in a small way to help these women practice and retain a few more of the signs they are working so hard to learn

2. that one guest will be willing to sit down with me and learn a few of the Mary Kay makeup application techniques

3. that the very sweet young woman who worked so very hard to make the arrangements will be my guest for a makeover with me on Saturday, April 14th at 10:00am at the HopeCenter near Biltmore Mall.  I think she would really love it.

Now to the real story:

the sweet young woman and I were talking after the others left for home about why I started my Mary Kay journey and I said something that surprised even me. I started this journey because I wanted something more, I wanted to make a difference, and wanted to do something that made me feel important. And when I got home and took some time to reflect on my very profound and unexpected statements I found that Mary Kay has done all of that and more.

Something More–> MK is more than a paycheck for me, it is the start of a career, one where my success or failure depends completely on me and, as we’ve seen, my attitude.  Along with all of this MK has given me a deeper insight into myself, my innerworkings, and thought process. Something I would never have gotten at a “regular” job.

Make a Difference—> I have been given the ability to enrich other women’s lives by making them look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, and hopefully if only for the one hour we have together, to make them feel special and important and for those few who will join me on this journey, to offer them their own chance to be and do something more. But as I think while writing this post, an unexpected outcome, I too have been enriched by these women. I am blessed to have met with them and for the time I’m with them and beyond that, I have been made to feel better because I could give them something.

Feel Important—> perhaps special is the better word to use here, feeling like I matter, that what I do matters, that my opinion, experience, and very own brand of expertise are all considered by others.  In meetings I am listened to and heard, in conversations I am given the opportunity to full express myself, and I am encouraged each and every day to be better, to work harder, to stretch myself, and to reach for my goals and beyond.


Continuing my personal reflection- while I am blessed with my current 9-5 position I must say that it has not given me any of the three things that prompted my start in Mary Kay, I don’t think that any 9-5 job will ever do that…


Mary Kay, as it has been said by a friend of mine who just took her leap of faith into Directorship, is truly a “self-improvement class on steroids.” I have grown a great deal in the short time  I have been associated with the company, in ways I never imagined.


Please join me on my journey, it’s the women like my very sweet new friend, who make this business worth doing. Mary Kay is so much more than makeup and skin care, it is life altering.

Looking back on last night, it was an astounding personal success.


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