It’s Good Friday and I am Grateful

This is the day we Christians, and other religions, celebrate as the day our Lord and Savior gave his life for us to free us from our sins and grant those who believe in his sacrifice eternal life with him in his Heaven. Salvation for my soul and life with Jesus eternally, you bet I’m grateful for that. There are days that this knowledge is all that get’s me through. 


Along with this blessing I have been given many others- lately the most prominent one is the Mary Kay Opportunity. It was plopped in my lap, in the form of a woman who has become a very dear friend, Brandy, my recruiter and soon to be Director. Through all of this Brandy has been one of my rocks of stability and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Without her steadiness through the storms that have come my Mary Kay way I doubt I would still be on this journey. 

Without her encouragement to even take the first step, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be here…


I am grateful for the Mary Kay experience itself. In a few short months I have learned and have grown more than I really ever have, internally that is. I’ve developed a better self-awareness and even, though it can be tough to see sometimes, a move positive view of life.  And the extra money hasn’t been too bad either. 


With Mary Kay I’m surrounded both literally and figuratively, by upbeat, positive, and encouraging women at all times, I could call any of the multiple MK lady numbers I have in my phone, knowing they would answer and either unload my troubles on the person or just chat about how her kids are doing, it’s that much of a relationship. It’s great to have that. We’re like sisters, in fact we call ourselves “Sister Consultants” or “Sisters in Mary Kay”. It’s like sorority life, without the frats causing trouble 😉


I believe that everyone should experience this sort of uplifting life changing event at least once in their’s. For some it will be Mary Kay, and I encourage you to take a chance and try it like I did, you may find that it’s been one of the best things you’ve ever done. 


Come and walk alongside me in this journey, we will never walk alone. 


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