This video, shared by my Senior Director’s Senior Director hit home for me today!
Please take the time to watch and be inspired!

My take-aways:
Circumstances come and go, there are good and there are bad- but am I going to let those dictate my action, my attitude and my personal performance?
I shouldn’t– but right now I am… it’s time to change that.

Ten Ways to start that change:
1. Set a Right-Now Goal– one that has a deadline, that makes me stretch to reach it.

2. Keep an eye on my circle of influence, those I associate with. Are the building me up? Pushing me to become more? Or are they dragging me down and helping me perpetuate those negative thoughts that so often creep into my head?

3. Make short-term sacrifice for long term success– make good use of my DVR and record my shows to watch with my man at a later time while I take an hour and make 10 or 20 phone calls to check in on my customers to provide that legendary Mary Kay Customer Service.

4. Keep one another accountable– someone to check in on me and someone who needs checking on… this business is never a one-person job, being a partner will help me grow faster and better.

5. Require daily excellence– not perfection, excellence. Writing down my Six Most Important Things List and crossing them off as I finish but not beating myself up when I only finish 3 or 4.

6. Master the art of letting go of things that are not working for me. Mary Kay offers training after training after training, and then even more training (there’s a LOT of training available) but not all of it is for me. But the beauty is I can test drive each type of training, party schedule, ways to approach strangers, etc and like ’em, love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no one telling me “Ericka, you MUST do it this way” I must’nt, I have the freedom to choose and need to explore my options.

7. (this one is the HARDEST for me) TRUST THE PROCESS
Book, Coach, Sell, Recruit. It’s that simple to be successful in Mary Kay.

8. Serve ofthers often and gratefully.
See number 3– giving of my time to assure that my customers are satisfied and my business will grow.
8.5 Have a grateful attitude– when negative thoughts pop into my brain, and they do often, I can banish them with gratitude– just a quick statement or mantra depending on the severity of the negativity of “Mary Kay has allowed me to do ____________” sometimes just said once or sometimes a sticky note on my computer to be repeated 100 times throughout the long day will make the inner negative demons hit the road.

9. Become Coachable.
This one I think I have down pat- I think, but there’s always room for improvement. I love to learn new things, to have new ideas passed on and to hear the opinions of others, especially my soon-to-be Director Brandy, she’s learning so much in her Qualification process right now and I love to be the receiver of just a small portion of her newly acquired knowledge.

10. Work hard to increase self-confidence.
I had to sit with this one a minute to understand because I am the most extroverted introvert you will ever meet and I never meet a stranger… so how can I increase self-confidence? Makes no sense….
but then I remembered– EVERY SINGLE TIME I pick up the phone to make my calls to customers or referrals or whathave you the butterflies, the big, giant, wing-flapping butterflies ALWAYS take residence in my stomach and it takes until about the 5th or 6th call before I can tell those b-flys to hit the road… that’s where I need an increase in self-confidence.

So ladies- Watch the video, be inspired. Read my story, be intrigued. Ask me more about the 10 things above, ask me how you can have a self-improvement course WHILE making money… only Mary Kay, the number one brand in SkinCare can offer women a money making venture and a hands-on elevation of personal worth.


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