Hostess Plan Re-Vamp!

Good Morning All and Happy Monday from the beautiful world of Asheville, North Carolina!


I hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as I! Spent time with my lovely fiance (ahh, still can’t say that word without a giggle), my family, and helped my almost sister in law put together her wedding center pieces. Restful? Nope. Enjoyable? You bet.


Another decision made was to update my Mary Kay  Hostess Plan– my current one is completely boring, even I’m yawning when explaining to my ladies… so an update will be great!


Here’s the scoop!


I understand that not everyone WANTS to have 6 of her closest girl friends over, or doesn’t want to bug those friends to have their own facials, or even better, life happens and the makeovers can’t take place on the  day you and I originally scheduled.

I get it and have made some changes to accomondate.


From the flyer you can see that that my hostess has a choice! Choices are ALWAYS a good thing!

Pick four of the six criteria and have a $100 Shopping Spree! You can’t lose!




Option 1: $25 for holding the party on the originally planned date

Option 2: $25 having at least four guests over the age of 18

Option 3: $25 for having a total of $250 in retail sales

Option 4: $25 for having two guests book future makeovers with me

Option 5: $25 for interviewing with me/my director and making the consideration to become my business partner (more on this to come later)

Option 6: $25 for being my guest at a meeting or other event sponsored by my business partners



So with those options EVERY woman WILL get her $100 shopping spree! I have no doubt!

Depending on personality there’s something for everyone– personally I would have chosen the 4 or more guests, original date, two bookings and meeting attendance– how easy is that!

To make this work I would have called/text/emailed/e-vited my friends to death to make sure they had their butts at my house ON TIME on the date my MK lady and I had set up (actually, I really did do this for my original party 😉 ), and told them while bugging them for attendance that I needed a couple to  have her own makeover and everyone who knows me knows that free is my favorite price so I would have attended (and I did) a meeting to have a FREE makeover!

It was a win all the way around for me 🙂


And it will be for you too– won’t you take a chance on me and have that makeover with your girlfriends so that you  too can have  a $100 Shopping Spree??


p.s. If my hostess can only meet a few of the criteria, she STILL gets the monetary credit for what she’s completed. Example– if she has the makeover on the same day with four guests over 18, she has a $50 shopping spree. There is NO WAY to lose here. Free is free and free is GREAT!


Book a Makeover with me today and WIN!

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

7 thoughts on “Hostess Plan Re-Vamp!

  1. Hi!! I’ve just read you’re no longer an active consultant, but I wondered if you wouldn’t mind if I used this?
    It looks great!
    Or would you consider emailing me a pdf?
    I’m in MK in Australia 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

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