Here’s a sale I know you will not be able to resist!

For the ENTIRE month of June all of my Mary Kay products are buy two and get the third at HALF PRICE!

(the half price item must be the least expensive)

This applies to every single item in the Mary Kay Product line, no exclusions, no exceptions.

Buy the lipgloss and eye color at full price and the mascara at HALF PRICE! 


Buy the Satin Hands Set and the Microdermabrasion at full price and the TimeWise Cleanser at HALF PRICE!


Buy the Miracle Set and the Satin Lips Set at full price and the Full Coverage Foundation at HALF PRICE!

Ordering is EASY!

Visit my personal website: www.marykay.com/erickalchampion, shop and order online 24/7, enter the code JUNE in the comments box and if you’d like you can even choose which item you’d like half price (just leave me a short note).


Call me 828-290-2518


Email erickalchampion@marykay.com


Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/marykaybyerickachampion


Seriously guys! This will be one of the best sales of the entire year! DO NOT miss your chance to get America’s Number One Skin Care Line at HALF PRICE!

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