This is how you Mary Kay!

Let me tell you how easy it is to have a Mary Kay Party.


This is me* from my pedicure party last night and that little cutie is named Jackson, the one-year old adorable son of a friend of mine with whom my Mary Kay business has allowed me to reconnect.

Jennifer and I haven’t seen one another since around 2007 when I moved away from  home and last night it was great to spend two hours with her! The first hour we learned a little Mary Kay style skin care and the last hour we sat talking about life and catching up.

*disclaimer, my hair didn’t look that bad when I started, but when a little guy plays with it, well…. 😉


So this is how easy and how wonderful Mary Kay is.

First- I got to see an old friend who I had no idea only lives 30 minutes from me! I wouldn’t have known this until I worked up the courage to ask her to have a party with me.

Second- I got to meet for the first time her two youngest children and catch up with her now nine-year old daughter, who is almost taller than me…

Third– I held a bouncy, energetic one-year old during almost the entire thing and still had a successful party.


So what’s stopping you?

Why do you think that this Mary Kay thing is sooooooooo hard?

What are you afraid of?


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