It’s all a scam!!


I just heard about this pyramid thing called a JOB. OMG, I wasn’t even aware this scam was even going on anymore! Basically the way it works is you work for a boss, who is under a boss, who is under a boss, who is under the owner or sometimes even worse – under a Board of Directors and Shareholders!

The thing is, it is VERY DIFFICULT to EVER move up in this pyramid. The kicker is, you are OVER WORKED, UNDER PAID, and it’s hard to get time off. Depending on the type of JOB it is, sometimes you even have to ask permission to take a bathroom break!

You rarely get bonuses, raises, or even decent benefits. And you can get fired or laid off at anytime. If you think you work for one of these pyramids, or are approached to work for one, run!!! Call me for a change 828-290-2518


And you know what the bad part is– this is hilariously funny, but absolutely true.

Don’t stay stuck in your 9-5 life that you hate. Breakout, get out, run as fast as you can to my door and I’ll show you how to take your initial $100 investment and make it $1000, $10,000 and even more.

Do not be afraid.

Sure it sounds terrifying, especially as women, to invest $100 in ourselves when we could pay bills or something like that, but trust me. I would never lie, never steer your wrong, and never let you walk alone. You and I together will make this a success.


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