Bright, Shiny and New!

O just look at it!

How beautiful!

The brand new Mary Kay Look Book, also know as “the catalog” my how she shines when the pages aren’t marked with wishes, torn because of small children or dogs in my case, or when shes been looked through time after time after time by women who are dreaming… shew it’s great!

New Products for Summer 2012

This catalog is a privilege of my customers, one that is shipped right to their homes each quarter (every three months) with a special product sample, a page devoted to new products, a best sellers list and the most striking thing– images of four models wearing the most up-to-date trend makeup complete with a how-to and product list- you can’t go wrong!

Model Page

Model Page

Wouldn’t you like your own Look Book? It’s as simple as sending me your address!

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

Best Sellers!


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