Why would you say no?

I think that it is so silly when women turn down my request to have a few girlfriends over for a girls night of pampering. So silly. They must not know what they are in for… an excellent evening and a LOT of free products. a WHOLE. LOT.


This picture is the loot of one of my latest and most dedicated customers. She had a party with seven women, at her house on the back deck with pedicures, “crack” dip (I still need this reciepe, it was so so good) and so many crazy laughs. 

For inviting them over she got $186 of MaryKay Products for ONLY $77 and change. There is no way in the world to beat this. 



And here’s a post by one of my favorite people who finally worked up the courage to agree to let me visit one afternoon when her oily skin was becoming just too much.

“Just had my first client appointment with the fabulous Miss Ericka, and I had a GREAT visit. I say “visit” because it was. I gave her a very wide and unspecific ball park of what I wanted to end up with (not greasy skin) and she showed me the instant effects of the botanicals line (love), the mineral powder (so soft), and shimmer eye cream (too easy and so pretty). 

I’ve been using the same wash-moisturize-cover spots- mascara combination that’s “worked” for me since 13, so it’s safe to say I’m fairly minimalist, but I LOVE the powder and eye shadow. It prettifies my routine but doesn’t add ANY extra time. It will actually save me some, since I’m not fiddling to fix any instant creasing!! 

The products are fantastic, and Ericka’s sales are unlike any stereotypical push. She stuck exactly to what I said I was interested in, I never felt pressured to build my list, and she even helped me prioritize what to buy now… and what to buy later 😉 

I HIGHLY recommend a visit with Ericka; she was great with my dog, came way out to my place in the middle of Oteen, and my face feels fantastic. LOVE LOVE LOVE!”


So now why won’t YOU agree to invite over some girl friends for pampering? What are you afraid of? I don’t bite, push, try to sell the entire catalog, and I even hold your kids while you relax


Do the fun thing and earn all of these wonderful products for the best price– FREE just by having a party with me.

Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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