You CAN make money in Mary Kay

So you think that this Mary Kay thing, it’s a waste of time, it’s useless, it’s just a bunch of women pushing cosmetics down your throat- I have to tell you, that’s not exactly right.


This Mary Kay thing is my job, is my livelihood, is the way I make ends meet, pay the bills, and put food on the table. This wonderful company has given me so many many things, so much more than cosmetics and since we’re living in a tough economy at the moment- one of the best things it’s given me is money.

These women, National Sales Directors in the company, worked their way from the bottom to the top- starting right where I am now, a young woman who just wants to pay her bills and have the wedding of her dreams, and through unending dedication have reached the point where they are making millions of dollars.


That success did not happen over night, they weren’t making millions in their first year, or even their fifth, but they were making money the ENTIRE time!

They began their journey as Beauty Consultants making 50% profit on all products sold- that’s where we ALL start, no one is better than the other and no one gets to start somewhere else. We’re all consultants all making 50%.

Then they took the steps to introduce other women to this wonderful company and show them how Mary Kay can give them the lives they dreamed of- that lead to company paid commissions PLUS 50% commissions on sales

The more women they blessed with the Mary Kay opportunity the more company paid commissions they made, but there was ALWAYS that 50% sale commission.


The formula is easy- the journey is not. Work must be done, a lot of work must be done, but the rewards are boundless.

Along with those millions of dollars earned annually these women have a dozen or so bumble bees on their chests, all 24 carat gold and all covered in diamonds, not to mention free cars, paid insurance, free trips for them and their families, more diamonds, purses, bags, home entertainment systems, Coach bags, other jewelry– all sorts of Cinderella prizes just for taking the first step and spending that $100 to start the journey of a life time.


I promise you that if asked BOTH women would say that $100 investment when their kids shoes didn’t fit, their hot water heater or A/C had broken, their husband had lost his job, their college degree wasn’t paying off, or any other problem you’re facing right now- was WORTH IT!



Don’t let your present stress rob you of your future blessings

You are worth more than your 8-5 grind in a job you hate that keeps you away from your faith, your family and most importantly- your dreams.

It’s terrifying to spend $100 when you cannot pay your bills- I’ve been there and done that, I was so scared that I was making the wrong choice and I would come to regret this one day.

I was wrong- I have regretted nothing and I am looking forward to the bigger and better things that are in store for me.



So come with me- take that chance on yourself and this company will pay you from the very beginning because always you will have the 50% commission on product sales- even when one day you’re making the millions.


p.s. If you’ve read this far, make sure to note that the woman on the right has two degrees from Harvard University but instead of pursuing her former career path is now making millions of dollars ANNUALLY in Mary Kay. She thought this was a good idea and I know that in your heart you think that too.



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