There is a reason I’ve been writing a lot fewer posts theses days– wedding planning has consumed my life.

Seriously, every day I have a new idea, a new half-baked thought, new vision, new dream, and often- a new disaster 😉


Thankfully I’m marrying a wonderful and understanding man, who has a great and helpful mother and I have an amazing family all of whom are taking direction, helping to make all of the DIY projects (90% of this wedding will be DIY) and are just taking my daily brain blasts (I love me some Jimmy Neutron) in stride.


Thanks guys for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do in the 8 short months until we say I Do! It’s going to be an exciting ride and I am so ready for it!!


So my loyal readers- I’ll get back to you, promise. But this year, I’m devoted to marrying the man chosen for my life’s companion. I only want to do this wedding thing once and the blogging, it will be here for me and for you after the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon are all over 🙂




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