The choice is yours

What’s harder… Teaching a woman how to take care of her skin (flip over, open, squeeze bottle, put products on your face, say “how does your face feel”) or dropping your child off at daycare and letting the daycare teacher see their first steps

What’s harder teaching a woman about how a career in Mary Kay can change her life or going to that 12 hour shift job 6 days a week missing out on the most important times you will ever cherish with your family….

Is direct sales hard? Not as hard as telling your son you can’t go to his football game?!?!

You don’t have time?!?! Give me 4-6 hours a week of dedication to this business and I can show you how to make $100 an hour

You don’t know anyone?!?! Great! Neither did I!!! Ill teach you exactly what I did!!!

You don’t have the money?!?! Even more of a reason to get started so you will never have that excuse again.

You are shy?!?! Great! It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and grow yourself 🙂

You are afraid of failure?!?! So am I… That is what pushes me everyday to make sure I succeed because failure isn’t an option unless you allow it to be…

You will spend $75 the next time you go to Walmart and come home with razors, a hand towel and a cute little pumpkin for your front porch…. Isn’t something that could change your life and the lives of others more valuable than these things?

It’s a $75 decision! Is it worth it to you, your family, your future to make a $75 decision..?!
Message me for more information. I’ll give you a FREE mineral eye shadow for simply listening and allowing me to share with you!

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