A better deal

Below is this morning’s deal from DealChicken.com- a local Asheville deal making service.

So let’s think about this… $39 for ONE, you saw it, one anti-aging facial… I can do you one better.
Through Mary Kay I can give you a daily Microdermabraision and anti-aging facial that includes Vitamin C, Retinol and so many other good for your skin things, for $250.
SURE- it is more than the $39 for the one facial, but wouldn’t you rather have the anti-aging every single day of the week (and you’ll see better long-term results) than just one day in your life? Or– option two is to buy one anti-aging facial a month for an entire year, that will run you $432, not to mention the gas you’ll have to buy and the time you’ll have to devote to even getting the facial.

Isn’t the Mary Kay way a better deal? Send me a message for a free sample of each to try for yourself!

Ordering is easy! Email erickalchampion@marykay.com 24/7 for free shipping to the US.

Two-Step Microdermabrasion $55.00

The premier in anti-aging sets- TimeWise Repair $195.00

66% off anti-aging facial at Supreme Skin

Supreme Skin

Deal Image



View Deal!

The Deal

• Only $39 for one-hour anti-aging facial ($115 value)

• Includes microcurrent treatment and a Vitamin C & antioxidant treatment

• Visible results with a single treatment

• PROMOTION EXPIRES January 29, 2013

Eggshell-smooth skin is possible when you let the trained therapists at Supreme Skin pamper you with an anti-aging facial. This service lasts for an hour and includes a microcurrent treatment designed to firm and tone the skin through gentle, painless muscle stimulation. Results are enhanced with a Vitamin C & antioxidant treatment. DealChicken hops into view with a savings of 66% off the regular price of this service. You’ll be able to see the results immediately: Your skin will be radiant, refreshed, lifted and toned, with those lines and wrinkles faded from view. Plus, there aren’t any negative side effects to worry about.


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