Tomahawk Reptiles

This is so not a Mary Kay related post… not even close but that’s alright 🙂

Tomahawk Reptiles is owned and operated by my wonderful fiance Solomon Wise out of Asheville, North Carolina. He specializes in Ball Pythons but isn’t afraid to take on the challenge of all other reptile species.


Take a look and like his facebook page. Soon, for those other reptile breeders in Western North Carolina, he will begin breeding and raising mice and rats for feeding. It seems that no one else in the area sells so he’s going to step up to fill the void. For more information on ordering snakes, artwork, or mice/rats please call/text him at 864-915-9702.



P.S. I can vouch for the care he gives these animals, there are times that he gives them more attention than he gives me 😉



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