Brandy- Finished DIQ


BRANDY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She finished DIQ! Director in Qualification! A rigorous course designed to push a woman who has the dream to become a Director in Mary Kay!  A specific number of teammates and a specific amount of monthly production is required and SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!



(Can you tell that we’re a little happy around here?!?!?!!?)

10 hours before her midnight deadline she declared, after a quick chat with Mary Kay Corporate to dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T’s”, that she is now a DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!!

Celebrations will be happening soon!! Look for pictures and lots of tears to come!


I am so so proud of this young woman, she’s in her late 20’s with two children, both under the age of 5. She started Mary Kay while in her masters program while her husband was away coaching soccer. and She did it. She didn’t let her situation overcome her, she didn’t sit down and wonder how she would succeed. She got up, took her life by the horns and made her success happen every single day.

Congratulations Brandy! and I am so very proud to be both your Alpha Xi Delta sister and a member of your BRAND NEW UNIT— Brandy’s Dazzlers!




Thank you, so much for everyone who helped. For every product you bought, for every teammate who signed up, and for each and every prayer you said. We could not have done this with out all of you. I am deeply grateful, and I know for sure Brandy is, for everything.



(the tears just keep coming, I am so grateful and so happy!)


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