Taking That First BIG Step

Taking That First BIG Step.



Taking That First BIG Step

Have you ever been on the edge of something really great?  Have you ever been offered an opportunity that sounded too good to be true, and so you hesitated to make that huge commitment?

Well, signing my Mary Kay business consultant agreement was just like that!  I wanted to do it so badly, my childhood friend was just getting started as a consultant and she seemed to be having such a great time with it.  She had tons of support from friends and family, and she kept re-assuring me that this was “easy… no problem… it sells itself; you’ll do great!”  I was holding onto those words for dear life as I explained to my husband what it was I wanted to do.

The response from him wasn’t a “no”, but not exactly a yes either.  He wanted to know why I insist on piling my plate so high? Why add one more thing now? I explained that I thought it would be fun, and than that the extra money may come in handy for the holidays. He sighed and walked away… again he did not say no! :)

So a few days later I broached the subject again explaining that there are no quotas,  no sales demands, that this would be my business to run the way I want to run it.  He reminded me that I would have to invest in inventory, and other disposable items for the shows.  I know, I know, but, but… but, this was clearly going nowhere.  So, I changed my approach.

A Mary Kay commercial came on the t.v. , and said “Oh! That’s what I’m going to do!”, he shakes his head.  My friend dropped off my products that I had ordered from her show, and I purposely left them laying all over the table.  Hint, hint.  He comes in and shakes his head. He was warming up I could tell.

My friend called me a couple days later to see how I was liking my products and to let me know that there was a special taking place in October and I could get the $100 starter kit for $75!  And, she offered me a $30 discount on my previous order so that meant that my starter kit would only cost me $45!! O.k. so I texted my husband pleading with him to stand beside my decision to do this.  I don’t need his permission, but I desperately need his support! Having a foundation of great people around you makes all the difference. He caved!! Yay! I called my friend right away, and I was set up as new Independent Beauty Consultant just in time to get the deal on October 31, 2012.

My adventure begins…


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