16 Rules of a Successful Woman

Borrowed from Lioness Woman’s Club

 16 Rules of a Successful Woman

Rule 1. Don’t hide your age. Be proud of it and gracefully enjoy it, instead.

Rule 2. Learn to say, no. Frankly, this is a very important skill to master.

Rule 3. A successful woman does not forget her mistakes, but learns from them. A bad experience is also an experience.

Rule 4. A successful woman is never a shoulder for everyone to cry on. Why do you have to waste your precious time, wiping everybody’s tears?

Rule 5. To face the success, you should always have your own opinion, even if others disagree with you.

Rule 6. A successful woman sets her own goals and achieves them. Start small. For example, finally, keep that promise you’ve made to yourself a long time ago to hit the gym.

Rule 7. Never stop once you’ve achieved something. Search for your calling. Do what you love.

Rule 8. A successful woman has a hobby, dancing, yoga, poetry, anything.

Rule 9. A beautiful set of lingerie makes you feel 50% more confident, studies show. So, don’t forget to treat yourself to some gorgeous undergarments.

Rule 10. What’s more exciting than breaking rules?! Especially, if they are your own …

Rule 11. A successful woman must be able to transform quickly. To look stylish in the next season, start preparing now.

Rule 12. Helping your parents is just as important as loving yourself. It can be a financial assistance, as well as an active participation in their life. And the later is more substantial than the former.

Rule 13. Don’t neglect the family. Your kin wants to have you by their side.

Rule 14. Go to spa salons. It will help you look good and will give you a boost of positive energy.

Rule 15. Enjoy any weather. The more joy you have, the easier and more interesting your life seems.

Rule 16. Love yourself, respect yourself and demand the same from the others.


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