Lost! Lost! Lost!

This morning I reached into my purse for my lovely (and surprisingly moisturizing) Nourishine Lip Gloss in the beautiful Really Red only to find that It.Was.Not.There!


I remember having it yesterday afternoon at a baby shower and now it’s missing.
Knowing me it’s wandering around UNC Asheville’s campus somewhere hoping that another person will save it… but still… lost is lost.

Poor lip gloss.

Wanna know the perks of being a Mary Kay Lady?? I have four more just like it on my shelf and I can open another one and STILL count it off on my taxes this year. Pretty sweet deal 🙂

Would you like to have such a great thing going for you even when you loose your favorite lip colors? It’s super easy and I promise you’ll love it!
Let’s talk about how to get started!


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