It does happen to people you know.


So you read the stories of women who’ve made Mary kay their careers but you scoff and say “o that doesn’t happen in real life to real people, that’s all a lie.” Then you’d be wrong.
It does happen to real people and has happened to real people I know!

Brandy, my new Director, Judi my Senior Director and Julie my Executive Senior Director, all women I’ve met, worked with and have an invaluable relationship with earned a wonderful Cinderella prize.

They spent several days in L.A. being treated like queens! Universal Studios even closed for a night to allow only Mary Kay access.

So yes, Cinderella does happen and it does happen to real people and it can happen to you but for it to happen you have to start. You have to sign up with me so that you can spend amazing weekends in outstanding places.

Oh, and Brandy was given a brand new Kate Spade bag and a $500 check for all of her hard work!
Now that’s a great prize!!








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