Plexus Slim Day 2

So day one was a little interesting, check out yesterday’s post for more, but I’m determined to give this a real shot to see if it works!!

And day two has proven quiet a bit better already!
I took the accelerator pill right as I was eating my breakfast to avoid any stomach pain and wouldn’t you know, no stomach pain!!
Today I feel like myself again- no shakes, dizziness, weird racing thoughts or any other crazy symptoms. Today I just feel energized!
I was up before the sun, I’ve already organized most of my 2012 taxes, cleaned the chicken coop, and so many other chores I’ve put off forever.

Day two’s started well and the BEST NEWS?!?!?
I’ve lost 2 pounds!!
Not a giant amount put progress is progress!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up with me here, I’ll keep posting updates and if this really works I’ll give you my before and after photos but until I know this actually works I’m not putting my before on the Internet for everyone! (I hope you understand)

Would you like to try plexus slim with me? Check out to do some more research and to order! You can order a 3 or 7 day trial just to get you started without a month long commitment.

Enjoy and let’s all get healthy this year!

2013 is our year!


O, and I forgot to mention that I slept like a baby last night! I haven’t slept that well in a long long time!


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