I’m not lucky, I work hard.

A MUST READ blog post from our offspring cadillac director Kelly Ingland Brock:

This is your life 🙂
by Kelly Ingland Brock on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 11:38am ·
First day back to work after an incredible Leadership Conference in LA last week and I have so much to reflect on!

It was so interesting for me get messages while I was there of women saying how “lucky” I am and how they wish they were able to have experiences like I had. I had to share with them that I am not privileged, my- customers, business, position, perspective, joy, blessings were not a handout. I worked to create the life I have and I continue to work to create the future I dream of. I joined a company that offered me a limitless opportunity, get as much or as little as you want. I paid the same $100 to get my starter kit that a new consultant would today and I started at the busiest time of my life – working a full time job, going to Grad school full time and planning a wedding. Money was tight and available time was tighter, but the HOPE for something better was I wanted to quench my thirst for a greater life. There is a quote I live by, “Good is the enemy of great.” You have to give up your good enough to have open hands to receive the great that God intended for you.

I often hear women say that they can’t do MK because they aren’t like me. Mary Kay has no pre-requisite for the successful. The most common thread among those who succeed in MK is that they started and were willing, teachable and coachable. They learned everything they needed along the way. This week I stood with some of the TOP leaders in our company and not one of them looked or acted alike. They were all shapes, sizes, ethnicities. Some educated, some not. Some with makeup, some without. Some walking in high heels, some rolling in wheel chairs. You see, they used what God gave them to bless others and I am doing the same. Don’t you know that God wants HIS BEST FOR YOU?

I often hear women say that they don’t love makeup and so this isn’t something for them. I taught exercise classes for a living before MK…do you think I invested in makeup? No. But I saw this company as a vehicle to my dreams, because you know what motivates me? My dreams. The thought of financial freedom, creating opportunities for the children I will have one day, being able to give freely, caring for my family, living with a purpose. The thought of being able to have that was worth giving MK a shot. I watch so many women be controlled by their circumstances and think that life handed them tough cards and they never take a chance to change the game for themselves. I did, I took a risk because my future was worth it. It would paralyze me to think that if I don’t do anything today, I will find myself in the same place next year, and the next and the next.

In today’s economy, there isn’t much that you can count on as a “sure” thing except for investing in yourself. So while some women are crossing their fingers that her husband keeps his job, the money magically covers the bills this month and that they wake up tomorrow loving where they spend 40+hrs a week….other women are taking control into their own hands. Women are allowing MK to be: their Plan B, their girlfriend time, their hope, their self-improvement course, their fun money, their financial freedom, their new career, their hope for a better tomorrow.

My hope someone reading this today is brave enough to ask for more information about Mary Kay and see what it could be for them. Who knows, you may never rely on luck again and realize you found the vehicle to your dreams like I found mine. Because when you drive pink like I do, your navigation always keeps you on course and your HOPE fuels your drive.

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