This was my Facebook status today after learning that yet more women I have spoken too, worked with, had makeovers with, you know the whole nine yards of the Mary Kay way, signed up to become consultants, under.someone.else.


Talk about upset, I was crying so much… I was very much heart broken and sick to my stomach because yet again all of my work and efforts are for nothing… I’m still very hurt by the fact that 1. These women wouldn’t accept my invitation to join Mary Kay and 2. The recruiter didn’t have enough of the Mary Kay go- give spirit to ask if the woman had a consultant…

Here’s my opinion on the entire subject- a few hours and many tears later, and you’ll have to forgive me for this metaphor but it’s one that makes good sense to me.
Mary Kay is like religion. Ideologically perfect, above reproach and without flaw.
And then you toss in humans.
Humans are broken, sad, hateful, harmful, and some are just downright mean.
Adding such imperfect things to a perfect thing leads to screw ups and misunderstandings and usually, problems.

And I’ve encountered a big problem, the problem is people.

I’ve also found the solution to the problem- people.
But better people.
People who love and care about each other, loyal, honest, and supportive of their friends, family, and loved ones.
Those are the friends who came out in droves to offer me their sympathy and encouragement today. Not all of them support my Mary Kay business outright with purchase or business partners, but they do support me and that means more to me than any purchase ever could.
Those men and women helped me through a very hard day and I am very grateful for their actions today and everyday.
I couldn’t make it without them.

And really, I do not want to be associated with the unfaithful, the dishonest, and the disloyal, those aren’t my values nor are they my kind of people. I certainly do not want those as my business partners.

So all in all, tough day but one that ended in gratitude for the people in my life who are the sort of people I want to be, and I am proud to be, associated with and happy to call my friends.


And now on-ward with my Mary Kay journey, I wasn’t told it would be easy, I was only told it would be worth it.

And for those who are wondering why in the heck I’ve posted such a sad story showing the supposed ‘dark side’ of Mary Kay there is a simple answer- I promised you the truth along my journey and the truth is, it’s not easy. There are people out there who do not live and conduct business by the Mary Kay way and there always will be. But quitting will not do me any good and will only serve to add another story to the ‘Mary Kay didn’t work for me’ pile. I refuse to become a member of that pile. Refuse.

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