It’s Spring Let’s NOT Tan

It’s (almost) Spring, and that means the Summer is right around the corner and in the south that means required visits to TANNING BEDS!

I was there, among the orange/overly tan cult… especially while in high school, admittedly I went 4 or 5 times a week and baked for 20 minutes, and it felt great. So relaxing, such a peaceful time to just do nothing and I got a tan out of it.

Now I know better, and I hope that you do too. Tanning beds are bad, bad, bad. Horrible in fact. Not only are they full of bacteria who thrive in the hot, sweaty and very non-sterile environment, they are MURDER on your skin…

Do you want to be nice and brown but look like you’re 40 while in your 20s? That’s exactly what tanning beds do. They cause sun damage and wrinkles by the dozen.  Not pretty.


And then, there’s skin cancer.

Now we all know that a little natural Vitamin D is good for us, necessary in fact, but overdosing on it in something like a tanning bed can have devastating effects up to and including cancerous cells and full melanoma.



Moral of the Story: Just say no to tanning beds.


But, being a southern bell, I know the value of bronzed skin, I promise. There is an alternative, and it’s not the typically smelly messy creams! It’s Mary Kay!

For $16.00 you too can have the faux glow without looking orange, over-tanned or smelling like something awful. Oh, and no skin cancer…

I use this almost religiously, I have red hair and pale skin to match, it’s my life saver. One bottle lasts almost 2 months and I put it on neck-to-toes after a shower. It both moisturizes my skin and gives me some color! I call that a win!


(check out Joey’s photo bomb this morning)


Please don’t ruin your skin! Please take care of it and still look fashionably tan, please use this product! No one should have to suffer skin cancer for vanity’s sake!


Order today, I have several in stock because I use it so often, and save your skin!




PS- I have a wedding dress to wear in 106 days and I will not be visiting a tanning bed, I will use my Mary Kay! Now that’s faith in a product!


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