Make a CHOICE!

“When you make a choice,
you change the future.”

— Deepak Chopra

“There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist, or
accept the responsibility for changing them.”

— Denis Waitley

“It is in your moments of decision
that your destiny is shaped.”

— Anthony Robbins

Unlike many, choice does not leave me paralyzed, in fact, I live for choices. I get a thrill out of deciding one color over another, one pair of shoes vs the 30something in my closet, on the earrings to wear with today’s outfit, the perfect color for flower arrangements at my upcoming wedding and so many many other things. I love it.

And lately I’ve made many unexpected but exceptionally liberating choices– all of which have been to rid myself of those people who only have negative energy and who only bring negativity to my life.

Man does it feel good.

If Mary Kay has only taught me one thing then it was a lesson well received. I never, ever, and really, never, have to just live with something. I can change it. I have the CHOICE to make the change. I can divulge the negative Nancy’s from my life, I can do it and boy do I love it 🙂

So yea, Mary Kay is so much more than selling skincare. (that’s just a bonus) it is complete self-improvement that helps women, young and old, learn that it is ok to make a CHOICE to change and then follow through with that choice.

I love my Mary Kay and wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. Best CHOICE!


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