Monday Testimony!

Another testimony from the Plexus Slim Facebook page!

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My journey with Plexus Slim started March 2012.

I had been very sick for five years prior and had to have a d&c surgery in November 2011, due to non-stop heavy bleeding for 4 months straight. The surgery left me swollen and in chronic pain, feeling like my life was over at 42. I ballooned up to 250 pounds. (And I was barely eating.) I envisioned myself at 500 pounds. I would lay in bed praying for things to end (either by not waking up or a solution) before it got any worse. Well, Plexus Slim came along and saved me just in the nick of time, I was a mess. In one month on just the drink, I lost 12 pounds and I had energy and was up and moving and doing good. Most of the swelling was gone.

The next 2 months I lost 18 more pounds…..for a total of 30 pounds lost in 3 months. I do believe that most of this was swelling, inflammation, water-retention and toxins. Months 4 and 5, I lost 10 more pounds. I then started juicing and lost even more. Then I had a root canal done that got infected and they put me on an antibiotic for a month. I regained some of the weight and I got the tooth pulled. So I am at 40 pounds lost now. I started the probiotic5 to help fight the antibiotic I was on. I am beginning to feel less puffy. I am writing this to let you all know.

Yes…..Plexus can give you your life back. Will it be perfect? NO. Will you look perfect? NO. Will you feel 100% better? Maybe, I am 95% better, which is close. As the creator of this group….I want to be honest and real and let you know….you can expect a miracle, you can expect change, you can expect health problems to ease and to lose or gain weight if needed. Will you look like a supermodel?

No…..we are real people, not air-brushed!

I am just so thankful I am not gaining. If I don’t lose another pound….it’s okay. I feel great and that is what matters! Quit focusing on numbers! Focus on your life….have fun and enjoy. You can be beautiful at any size! I am a size 14 and proud of it! Would I like to be an 8? Well, duh! Yes! But I am fine right where I am too. Just commit and drink it every day, it’s that easy. I may not be in a bikini….but guess what? I will be on the beach, in the pool and having fun in my one-piece!

Thank you Plexus for all that you do for me ♥


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