It is Important- Don’t Look Away

A cause near and very dear to my heart has been taken up by Mary Kay Cosmetics, the end to violence among teens in dating relationships.

They have begun their own charity and the “Don’t Look Away” initiative, a hot line that teens in dangerous situations can text or call and have access to immediate help and counseling on how to leave the situation safely and to not re-enter.

I am so fiercely proud to work for a company that places such a priority on the safety of today’s youth.

It is my personal mission to sell 100 of these brand new, special edition mini-compacts because $1 of each sale is donated directly to the Mary Kay Don’t Look Away work. It sounds like $1 is a small amount but $1 contributed by the many hundreds of thousands of Mary Kay purchases across the world will make a very big difference in the lives of troubled youth.

Please help me make a difference. Please support Don’t Look away. Please purchase this compact and save a teen from harm.

Email to order, it’s only $16 and you will help a person in need.

Learn More:


Love Is

Love Is Respect


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