Give It a Try

How many times have you said this?

How many, seriously?

How many have stepped out and given a relationship a shot- ALL of us, like 200 times.

We all have. and we all will, many more times in our life.

Some have worked out well, some ok, and others a disaster.

That’s just life. It happens and each and every one of us try it again, always we try it again- pass or fail- we try it again hoping to find the right ONE.


So how is that any different from Mary Kay?

Why wouldn’t you just give it a shot? It’s just like any other relationship- it might be nothing or it might be something but like in every relationship you’ve ever tried in your life, it started with a smile, a look, a hello.

So now’s the time to give Mary Kay a good, a second glance across the bar, an introduction from a friend.


I am that friend, I am your wing-(wo)man.

Here is Mary Kay- it’s a great one that can make you very happy and help you along the way if you’re willing to give the relationship and try and put in the required effort to make the relationship a good one.


Don’t you want to meet Mary Kay, to learn more about it, to see what it can be, to see where the relationship can go?



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