Wednesday Workday Reviews

I Sell Mary Kay


Borrowed Straight from Indeed, here are a few employee reviews from those who are or who have been Mary Kay Beauty Consultants.

Not all are good but not all are bad.

This company is wonderful and here are some (other than mine) candid reviews of this company!

(Complete with original errors)

Work at your own pace and on your own time
Independent Beauty Consultant (Current Employee), Kalamazoo MI – February 26, 2013
Pros: 50% comission on all sales
Cons: have to purchase own product samplers
Mary Kay is great because you can make as much or as little money as you want on your own time at your own pace. You can chose to sell Mary Kay as a career choice or just as a hobby.
This was a self employment opportunity within the Personal Care/Cosmetics Industry.
Independent Business Owner (Former Employee), Riverside, CA – January 29, 2013
A typical day for me would be to contact my customers and follow up on any leads or provide customer service for the Mary Kay line of cosmetics.
The hardest part of the job was canvassing for additional customers, as leads for sales were not provided.
I enjoyed the meeting of people and helping them to find just what they were looking for in there quest for Personal Care/Cosmetics.
Great business
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (Former Employee), San Antonio, TX – January 28, 2013
I was my own boss sold out of my house , Mary Kay parties at my home , delivering to my clients personally . Having so much fun doing what I do best. Times did change for me , as times always change I got married and had a little girl so I stopped that line of work , just to not mix my home with work.
Fun, fast and easy.
Independent Sales Representative (Former Employee), Gainesville, FL – January 28, 2013
Pros: making a lot of money. flexibility.
What I like most is meeting people and doing facials. Going to local businesses to give facials and sell products on the spot. I like having products on hand. I worked as a part time sales representative. I like setting my own hours and managing how much money I make.
a place where you can grow
Senior Sales Director (Former Employee), Charlotte,nc – January 8, 2013
daily sales, training new consultants, focus on personal and team goals, attend meetings where you learn new things and develop
Becoming your own boss selling make-up merchandise
Consultant (Former Employee), New York, ny – November 20, 2012
Pros: sell on your own time; we almost never get returned items; and being your own boss selling makeup.
Cons: benefits, trying to get customers to join
Trying to Gain Customers from anywhere you are; so that in the future you can become there MaryKay/Beauty Consultant.
You learn how to become better at Sales and Advertising. MaryKay is 100% Gauranteed or your money back; so instead of talking about how is, we have them test it on themselves before purchasing any item

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