The Law of Attraction

This article is wordy but powerful. At least hit the higlights because the power of attraction is a real thing.


People talk about the usual Mary Kay recruiting methods of chasing friends, family, and acquaintances and pushing your Mary Kay opportunity which always leads to chasing prospects and to prospecting from a position of weakness.

While many break even financially in Mary Kay those who achieve success tend to be extroverted people that enjoy the limelight, in other words, they are a Mary Kay recruiting machine. If you are not an outgoing, sales person who loves to recruit then you will be beaten up by your competition. If you are the star and can propel your team ahead you still have to look forward to the fact that the huge majority of your new members cannot duplicate your success. With the right system you can turn the tables and CRUSH your competition and build a successful Mary Kay team if you follow an attraction marketing Mary Kay recruiting model.

You have just two alternatives. Dominate or be dominated.
So how do you create this attraction Mary Kay recruiting model?

If you need greater success you need to focus on people who are seeking what you have. The main thrust of attraction marketing is that you need to offer your potential prospects something that they need. Typically the people that employ this strategy emphasize the marketing system itself rather than Mary Kay so that the Mary Kay prospects understand that they can make this work no matter what happens. Just like McDonalds has a flawless system so effective that a teenager could run it – you too need a proven system for this Mary Kay recruiting style.
In this Mary Kay recruiting model you would approach your prospect as a helper fulfilling a need and giving a helping hand to others to help them get what they want. This answers any Mary Kay prospects top 2 questions-is it easy and can I do it? Like in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring he states that no one who ever buys a drill comes looking for a drill, they come looking for a way to make a hole or holes. If you show them how to make the perfect size and dimension holes and then say “oh, by the way, we also have these drills over here to get the job done right.” According to the million dollar marketing gurus who take this approach they say you will sell more drills because you provided the customer with important valuable information that will help them get what they want.
So, how can you do that in YOUR Mary Kay? Are you able to figure out how to create value and a solution to your potential prospects?
Just like the hole maker usually buys the drill from the hole making teacher -similarly, your Mary Kay prospects whom you teach to market and generate leads will probably come to you to purchase Mary Kay since you revealed their true needs and how to overcome the weaknesses of their Mary Kay recruiting system.
If you apply an attraction marketing system, that is fully customizable, brands YOU as the guru, trains your prospects for you, and gives them the solution to their Mary Kay marketing and lead generation then you will crush your competition and help your new members succeed.


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