Listen to Him- He is telling you what to do.

On this Easter weekend to you feel God leading you to better things?

Do you sense that He wants you as is child to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE this life?
Can you hear him telling you that he has opened a wonderful door for you in the form of Mary Kay, the company that has changed the lives of millions of women over the last 50 years because of his blessings?

Why are you afraid to walk through that door that He opened for you?

You trust Him- Right? You believe that He loves you and will be with you always- Right?

So why haven’t you walked through that door and joined me in Mary Kay? My team is building, but it is building through God and his direction- he is leading me to the women and leading those women to me.

Has He lead you to me?


Proverbs 13:19 Souls who follow their hearts thrive; fools bent on evil despise matters of soul. (the Message)

Follow your heart, follow the voice of God in your heart and you will never go wrong.


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