This is not a joke and only a true April Fool would pass up this amazing offer.
Since I joined MK in October of 2011 I’ve only seen the company offer this ONCE, one time, have they allowed women and men to join this amazing company for only $75.

Don’t be foolish- this is your perfect, golden, and amazing opportunity to do what you know is right in your heart and to save some money while you do it.

What’s stopping you?
Don’t tell me is bc you’re busy- If i can make my business grow WHILE planning a wedding to happen in 54 days, you can too.
Don’t tell me its money- that’s taken care of now with this discount

Don’t tell me it’s because you’re not the sales type- because the sales type (me) have a hard time in this business at first, the loving, caring, people type are the ones who excel.

I invite you to move past those excuses and into the future that you deserve- this is your vehicle. Now jump on board and together, because you will never have to do anything alone, we WILL make it a success!


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