Who is Watching you?

Who is Watching you?

See that little girl in the photo- who is that little girl in your life?
It may be your own child(ren), it may be your nieces, your neighbor, it may be your mom, your sister, your mother-in-law,
It could be anyone.
The point is that SOMEONE is watching you- they are watching your life to see where you go.
Most often you are their inspiration and they wait for you to find success (at least the good ones).

So what have you done lately to show them your path to success?
Which choices have you made that have made them think?

They are going to follow in your foot-steps. So where are those steps leading? are they in a direction that you want to be followed, making good decisions to benefit both you and the ones watching you?

Would you like to start making better choices?
Mary Kay can,and will, do that for you. It is the best choice I’ve made in a very long long time.


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