Restoration Story

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, I spent some time in church and was so glad for it!

Here is the general/paraphrased message- it spoke very loud and clear to me!

God has a restoration story for all of us- taken from Luke 8 and the story of Jarius’ daughter’s death and the woman with the issue of blood.

1. Delay is NOT Denial- do not put a period in your life’s sentence when God has only put a period.

It took Jesus some time to get to Jarius’, much longer than Jarius thought was necessary but the end result was fantastic- the daughter was revived!

God does not work on our time schedule, often he delays his decision until we are ready for it and to the point that he will get the most glory for it. Delay is not denial.

2. Surround yourself with the right people.

When Jesus went into Jarius’ home to heal his daughter he only allowed Peter, James, John, Jarius and his wife- he left the negative (doubting-Thomas) outside.

We should find those who believe with us, for us, and in us to help us through our life and leave the doubters out of the house. That does mean sometimes removing those people from your life- it can be very painful, I’ve had to do this recently, but once done the relief is AMAZING.

3. Sometimes you have to press through the crowd.

The crowd can be noise, negativity, the opinions of other (OMYYES!) and personal distractions.

But if you have the desire to touch Jesus/meet success then you must push through the crowd in your life and something amazing will happen in your life.


4. Listen to the right report.

Listen to what Jesus says, NOT what others say. Period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. His word never fails and is NEVER wrong- the word of others in our life is wrong, so very very often.

So who are you listening too- Jesus and his unfailing word, or that of your friends? Everyone has an opinion- does their opinion matter more to you than God’s directive?


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