Trust your Crazy Ideas


Are you STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL thinking about starting your own Mary Kay business?

Really? How long have you thought about this?

A few days, weeks, months, maybe even years- that’s enough time.

Normally if you’re still mulling something over after you’ve slept on it a night, then it’s time to do it. And certainly if you’re in the years category, it is past time to give it a go!


Trust yourself- trust your hard work, your ability, you desire, you need for more! Just trust it!

This company is wonderful and will give you more tools than you can use in a life time to make your business a success!

Just give it a shot!


Especially while the starting fee is only $75 —————————————> That is less than the Miracle Set ($90) that we all love!

You have nothing to loose- you are not locked into sales, recruiting, anything. You can just purchase $200 annually to remain a consultant and if/when you decide you’d like extra money, a career change, more freedom or whatever appeals to you- MK is there and ready for you!


To learn more visit me on FB– To ask questions email me –To register- call me 828-290-2518


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