Long-term Success


This is truer than even I can tell you.

Alllll of a sudden my team building efforts in Mary Kay have taken off!

Everyone’s asked my secret- so here goes.


Period. These women who are joining this wonderful company are not new people, they are all dear friends of mine who I have spoken with off and on over the last YEAR about starting their own business. An entire year.

I didn’t stop. I got up every day and worked my Mary Kay. THAT is my secret.


there is no magic formula here- just work.

Plant the seeds, every day. Life the life of MK in front of those women, every day.

Have faith that good things will come to you, every day.


And guess what- when the time is right- and when you LEAST expect it (hello! I’m getting married in 40 days!) it WILL HAPPEN.


Secret Revealed.


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