Wedding DIY

This is only SOME of my wedding DIY.

I don’t have all of my photos yet, they will come soon from the photographer, but this will give you a general idea of how  much DIY-ing went on in the last year.

My best advice to all DIY brides, work hard and often LONG before your wedding. EVERYTHING, and I seriously mean everything, was finished a month before the big day. Flowers, all made from fabric, favors, programs, reserved seating signs, etc.

The only things left to do the day before and the day of were the food preparation and to set up the tables, chairs and decor. Easiest wedding ever 😉

The small signs, large signature board and favors were all DIY.

My mother-in-law made the flowers from fabric and put together all the bridesmaids bouquets, the boutineers, and the table center-pieces.

I made my own veil


Even altered my dress


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