Superbowl in June

From of all us Mary Kay girls :

In the next 8 days Social Media will blow up with Mary Kay information. June is to MK as The Final 4 is to basketball, Super Bowl is to football, The Masters is to golf. You’ve got the picture. INTENSE.

If you have been a MK customer this year…thank you! Your purchases helped the company become Top 10 in the world, a unit earn a car, your consultant earn money for her family & she in return sold you a product that works, hopefully made you feel special while she put money back in your local economy.

If you are not currently a MK customer explore your friend’s MK website with cool videos, images and product knowledge. If you already have a MK beauty consultant contact HER & not necessarily the person who forwarded this post.

Because of our unique culture MK does not give us a territory instead a principle called the Golden Rule. As a customer you have a choice as to who you do business, it is our aim to NOT sell a product instead develop a life-long relationship with each customer and in the end become a part of her life.

If you are running low on products or want to try new products why not give your consultant a call…… sure she will have the products in July but she will love you even more if you need them in the next 8 days. In the slightly changed words of VIVIAN WARD (Julia Roberts) PRETTY WOMAN.

In case I forget to tell you I thank you for your purchases in the next 8 days.



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