If you a project runway junkie like me this is HUGE!!

If you aren’t, its still HUGE!!


This show is so exciting to watch, they take nobodies and make them somebodies in the fashion-design world under such amazing teaching like Heidi Klum and Michael Kors (the other MK y’all!).

and now, they have chosen Mary Kay, my Mary Kay to be their one and only makeup brand used on the show!!


How freaking awesome is THAT?!? Now I can say I teach skincare and sell the number one brand in the world AND the choice of Project Runway! Holy Cow y’all!!

Now’s the time to get on board this awesome- fast moving train of goodness! Because people are going to be lining up to buy the makeup brand chosen by Project Runway!!!

Joining is fast and easy and only, seriously, only $100!! to learn more, to shop, or to sign up!

Don’t make this something that a year from now you wish you had done, do it while the iron is hot and the buzz is big!!



So excited!


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